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Admission Instructions

Please follow these instructions CAREFULLY to complete your admission online

Fill the Personal Record Form: Use valid Email Address and make sure you have stable internet. 

1. Fill the Personal Record Form

2Read terms and conditions on personal record form

3. Make sure you have completed the form , summited and print your copy of the personal record form  before moving to the nest step.

4.Online Admission attract a fee of Ghc15.00 for using this platform. Please note , this fee is  charged by the Service Provider.

Make payment to :

MoMo Number : 0559636462 ( Do not call)

Merchant ID: 234705

Account Name: FTIT Ghana

Note: Please use your BECE Index Number as reference. Thank you.

5. Check your Email after making payment

6. use the Student Admission Number in the Email to print your documents

You may call 0559560441 for assistance. 


In this Email, you will find:

  1. Academic year 

    2.  Name

    3. Course 

    4. Student ID

    Don't forget to check your Junk and Spam inbox if you don't find the email in your main inbox. 

Good job! Almost there! 

Click here to Print required documents:

PRINT DOCUMENTS or go to Admission Documents on the MENU bar

  1. Select the required document  ( left side)
  2. Enter Your Admission Number ( Get Admission Number from Email)
  3. Submit
  4. Print Document
  5. Repeat procedure to print all documents.